Agreement for Activity Participation (Adult Form)

The purpose of the Activity Waiver Form is to authorize a student’s participation in an extra or non-curricular activity. An Activity can include a Student Activity, Student Club, Special Class or Program (including after-school programs or classes involving special risks of harm or injury). The Agreement also covers any application or “try-out” or selection process to join the activity, and any events or presentations by the group. Both the student and the parent/guardian are to complete the Agreement.

Agreement for Team Participation

The purpose of the Agreement for Team Participation is to waive liability for participation in team sports like wrestling. Each sport must have a separate agreement.

Sports Physical Exam Form

The Physical must be renewed annually and allows a doctor to determine if a student is capable of meeting the physical demands of a sport. Forms may only be completed by a medical doctor, doctor of osteopathy, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant. Potential athletes should take this form to their practitioner and submit it to the School or Coach prior to attending practice.

Student Alternate Transportation Form

Students are required to travel to and from league matches on district provided transportation. If a student requires alternative transportation to and from competitions, this form must be completed designating the driver. The individual transporting the student must also complete and file a Personal Automobile Use Form (necessary for parents who offer to carpool wrestlers, as is volunteer registration with the District) or a Student Personal Automobile Use Form (for a student who intends to drive himself/herself to competitions).

Concussion and Head Injury Information Sheet

California law mandates that all athletes and their parent/guardian must sign and return a head injury information sheet before the athlete's begins practicing or competition. For more information on Concussions, visit the HEALTH page.

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